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Accountability, The Oz Principle, and the colour of magic.

When a colleague you respect recommends a book on accountability you can take it the wrong way and ignore him, or go to Amazon and buy it. That’s what I did and the book was almost finished by the weekend. It led … Continue reading


The qualities of a leader

This is long term planning for the success of her business, and what I realised is that she has a 24 month plan that involves making herself replaceable. Interestingly, her nominated replacement is not the popular man of choice… Continue reading


The perils of pushing yourself too far

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how important it can be to switch off – you may have noticed an increasingly frantic tone to my posts! As a society we put a lot of … Continue reading


A holistic approach to Time Management?

I was gutted to miss Graham Alcotts public How To Get Things Done workshop last week. Doesnt matter how many GTD books I read, there is nothing like a good refresher with a master like Graham at the helm. Its … Continue reading


How important is it to switch off?

Sleep deprivation is once again upon me. It happens sporadically, yet this time I can’t blame the kids. Another international crisis, more all night 24 hour news fests, but this time with added twizzaz. The first discovery this week was … Continue reading