Skills and Behavioural Development

Don’t underestimate your greatest asset – your people

At the core of every organisation are your people. But their skills and behaviours require constant support and development.

The importance of continual investment and the return it gives an organisation cannot be underestimated. Don’t leave your organisation or your people behind.

The Challenge

Given an organisation’s greatest asset is its people, we can assume when you employed them, they had the required skills and behaviours, and were a good cultural fit.

But, as time moves on, your organisational priorities and needs will likely change as will the roles and responsibilities of your people. But you cannot afford to leave them behind by simply expecting them to adapt. It’s imperative your people and teams continue to grow, upskill, adapt behaviours, and develop beyond where they were when they first started working with you.

The Inspire Way

We offer a series of bespoke individual or team-focused skills and behaviour development courses, delivered via standalone workshops or as part of wider leadership and team-building programmes.

Our Behavioural Development Programmes (BDP) focus on shifting mindsets and attitudes. Without shifting these underlying behaviours, an organisation will ultimately struggle to fully achieve effective leadership, have high performing teams, embed effective necessary skills, and fulfil goals and targets. All our BDPs are designed around our 100% Accountability principles, which focus on ensuring your people and leaders understand where they fall short, how to pull themselves up and then how to stay above the line as much as possible.

Our skills programmes range from presentation skills to managing performance, from productivity to workplace wellbeing, from managing conflict to effective account management, and everything in between.

Next Steps

We are continually evolving and designing new training programmes. Below is a list of programmes we have delivered recently. Please contact us to find out more.

Dealing with Conflict

100% Accountability

Culture & Transformation

Persuading, Negotiation and Influence

Managing High  Performance

Presentation Skills

Dealing with Change

Creativity and Big Picture Thinking

Making Learning Stick

Skills Assessment

Feeling Inspired?

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, and would like to drive your organisation forward, we are here to help. You can find out more about us or please get in touch.