Yogi bear dives back onto our screens this week, and while it’s unlikely to push The Kings Speech off the Oscars podium it may offer some insight for those of us who are focused on people development.

The technology has come a long way, but Yogi hasn’t changed; his obsession with other peoples picnic baskets is as strong as ever, and his creative approach to getting them still knows no bounds. Until he sees the loss of his environment and friendships, his genius and potential lies untapped.

How many Yogis do you have in your team, your organisation or your life? Smarter than the average bear, able to harness untold depths of innovation to fulfil unproductive tasks, and misunderstood by their leader as a maverick or a time waster?

Harnessing the power of your Yogis may be the key to driving change in your team. Understanding them first is key. But as Ranger Smith discovered, providing them with a meaningful mission, a clear strategy and a team that supports their creative force, is how you can unlock their potential for your organisation.