Don’t underestimate the power of a high-performing team

Immersive team-building journeys can be brief in time yet impactful and transformative. The development of a new or existing team, with new approaches, doesn’t happen because we will it, or as a result of even the most powerful single event. It takes concerted effort that allows a team to supercharge their collaboration and collective high performance, through an accelerated team-building journey.

The Challenge

Building effective teams traditionally takes time and effort, and requires the organisation to understand everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivators. To complicate matters further, the modern demands of business call for regular shifting and reforming of teams and roles to meet new demands and new challenges. And once they have formed, teams still need to grow – to refine their skillsets and develop new ones. Unfortunately, time is a luxury modern businesses rarely have – new teams need to begin performing right away.

Case Study: Primesight

Primesight had traditionally focused its training programmes on their sales teams, but had developed a growing awareness that the organisation as a whole would be better served by upskilling a wider cohort of staff, whilst simultaneously building the capacity of the management and leadership teams across the business to embed the learning.

Programme objectives included:

  • Upskilling all staff across the organisation
  • Developing team-building and collaboration
  • Empowering managers to develop their own teams
  • Integratrating a culture of learning throughout the organisation

The Inspire Way

So how do you get there? Whether you are near the end of your journey or have yet to start, our bespoke accelerated team-building techniques will help you succeed. We focus on the areas that transform your team quickest – greater team awareness, understanding, and improved rapport.

We map each member and the whole team’s key personality qualities and over-extensions. This accelerates trust, open and honest communication around how the team performs, and provides insight into why. The journey names and addresses the strengths, issues, and challenges within a team, and defines how they collectively and individually work together, with a clear set of team-building actions, that each individual, each bi-lateral relationship, and the team, will be accountable to deliver. We consider how all this plays into their behaviours as a leadership team, and how to super-charge the leadership of their people.

And we don’t shirk the tough stuff. We create a safe psychological environment that allows even the most dysfunctional teams to share where and how they derail as individuals and collectively, to enable them to move forward at speed.

Inspire offers a series of bespoke team-building courses in London, throughout the rest of the UK, and internationally, all of which are designed to meet each team’s individual requirements.

So whether it’s team-building exercises or team coaching, our programmes are guaranteed to get your teams performing from day one.

Next Steps

We are continually evolving and designing new training programmes. Below is a list of programmes we have delivered recently for our clients. Please contact us to find out more.

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Feeling Inspired?

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, and would like to drive your organisation forward, we are here to help. You can find out more about us or please get in touch.