Don’t underestimate the power of coaching

From Dave Brailsford mentoring a cycling team winning an incredible 30 Olympic medals, to Ivan Lendl propelling Andy Murray on to Grand Slam success, world class athletes consistently demonstrate one thing: one-to-one coaching helps the best stay on top.

One-to-one executive coaching is a collaborative relationship where both parties work together to develop the potential of the coachee to maximise their performance and development.

The Challenge

Sometimes, you can be too close to a situation, and all it takes is an outside perspective to inspire a spark. Perhaps an individual needs inspiration, support or development that simply cannot be provided by their organisation. We help individuals accelerate their aspirations by enabling them to define their goals and create sustainable change to improve performance. Our coaching focuses on developing insight into preferences, strengths and self-limiting behaviours.

Case Study: Trendence

Trendence Research recruited a new Director to re-launch a unique product in a clearly defined market. They were convinced it was the right appointment with the right experiences, skills, and qualities. After two months in the job, the Director was facing some key challenges and barriers to success. The UK MD started to explore the possibility of an external intervention but was unsure which format or content would hit the mark and transform performance.

The Inspire Way

Inspire’s team of executive coaches have a wealth of experience and a variety of skills that support high-flying executives and leaders to achieve more from themselves and their people. Our coaching provides the structure and space to review personal or business issues, providing new insights and fresh perspectives.

Our coaching will build your capacity to work and perform more effectively – as an individual leader and as part of your system (team, boss, organisation, or stakeholder).

Three dynamics sit at the core of how we build your capacity: shifting your state of mind (thinking), shifting your qualities (behaviour/skills), supporting you to build rapport (connecting with others).

By rapidly building trust, we accelerate your ability to get to the heart of your challenges, harness your strengths, and focus on future possibilities.

We are unashamedly pragmatic – helping you to focus on what’s most important to you and your mission; to build your self-awareness; and to support your long-term development. We have been described as ‘coaching unorthodox’ – when needed, merging the role of coach, advisor and counsel. When valuable, we pose opinions, perspectives & challenges, to accelerate your self-understanding, and allow you to build a new set of ideas, thoughts, behaviours and solutions.

Feeling Inspired?

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, and would like to drive your organisation forward, we are here to help. You can find out more about us or please get in touch.