Sales and Media

Don’t underestimate the importance of media

The world of media and sales has changed beyond recognition. The way we consume and react to media has changed, resulting in an integrated approach to marketing with digital driving it forward. Media sales has had to quickly follow suit so as not to be left behind. And overall, anyone working in sales has to deal with an audience more savvy than ever, who better understand their own needs and how the sales process works. This has meant a shift in how sales works to better understand the world of marketing whilst leaving older sales tactics behind.

The Challenge

Given the speed of the evolving digital age, sales training has been slow to catch up. Whether your organisation is focused on media sales or a broader sales remit, engagement is key. For media sales, this means a solid understanding of the marketing priorities of the industry but ultimately, creating more engaged sales teams will create more engaged customers, and more engaged customers leads to increased sales.

The Inspire Way

Inspire apply our holistic approach to sales training. For broader sales, we work at three levels: the individual salesperson, the service or product, and the customer. In the case of broader sales and media sales, we develop the specific attitudes, behaviours, and actions necessary for success in your selected field. Our team has many years of personal media sales experience; it’s where we developed our skills and where we meet many of our new clients. Consequently, we remain at the cutting edge of research and trends.

We help sales leader develop a clear and concise sales proposition. Working with existing stakeholders, we design and deliver tailored and unique sales stories and packages. Finally, we help accelerate exceptional customer relationships through our unique and highly innovative Accelerated Rapport Programme, designed specifically for your team.

We guarantee that you won’t find as effective an approach through any other sales training companies.

Next Steps

We are continually evolving and designing new training programmes. Below are examples of some of the programmes we have delivered for other clients. Please contact us to find out more.

Mastering Strategic Marketing

Face-to-Face Meetings

Story Telling

Sales Mastery through Personal Insight

Negotiation Skills

4 Step Sales

Fundamental Sales Skills

Strategic Account Management

Feeling Inspired?

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, and would like to drive your organisation forward, we are here to help. You can find out more about us or please get in touch.