We’ve got our thinking caps on around The Inspiration Factory. We’ve started work on some white papers, designed to help us share Lumina Spark more effectively with different audiences. If they turn out to be useful tools for us we’re considering sharing them for free.

The first paper addresses sales, specifically whether the ‘stereotypical’ model for a salesperson is changing. It seems to us that salespeople are understood (especially in the media) to have a very specific set of qualities and motivations, and we’re wondering if that has changed in the digital age. Lumina Spark does its best to do away with stereotypes, so we think it’s a good fit!

We’d love any suggestions you might have on this. We want the paper to be comprehensive, so any theories you might have (or books or papers you think would be relevant, I need some new reading material anyway) would be greatly appreciated.

Personal experience is also useful, especially if you work or have worked in sales. Naturally you’ll get to see the finished product!

Make suggestions on the blog in the comments section below, on twitter (@INSPIRErational), or perhaps email me directly. We’re thinking of producing a couple more of these papers over the next six weeks, so if you have any other business or training areas you’d like to see explored, perhaps you could suggest those too.