Just back from having our shots taken by Adam Lawrence (you can see the results on the Our People page). Adam’s a remarkable geezer, mental cook and great friend. Having used a photo taken by the office cleaner on my last site, it’s so great to have a professional image this time.

It struck me that while it seemed it was just a photo of our heads, so much went into making the image look right.

Its not that Adam made a big deal of it, but lighting, a wireless flash, a pro camera (that apparently could take a photo to blow up on a 96 sheet roadside poster), and some good humour went into the operation. Then colour correction and a few other digital wonders made me and Stevie look a bit more attractive (clearly Stevies photos needed a little more work in the digital remastering).

So on bike on the way back I reflected on how important it is to value the work of the professional, the importance of having the right kit and the critical aspect of humour. I will never forget seeing Adam on Celebrity Photographers, when you see what he does to make his subjects at ease, you see why his results are so good.

Check out his photos at www.adamlawrence.com. You are unlikely to see Stevie and I there, but you’ll see a plethora of top celebs; nice to think who passed through the lens before us.