I’ve just left Mollie’s (my 5 year old daughter) school festive play.  Correct, it is no longer called a nativity play, perhaps because it is no longer the nativity story.  In fact Jesus was conspicuous by his absence!

They put on a take on ‘The Snowman’.  There is no doubting the skill and quality of the teachers and pupils as the play was fun, warming and engaging – and I don’t just mean the bit that Mollie was in.

The general story was the snowman, with festival of lights thrown in – Duvalli, Chanukah and Christmas.  It culminated in Sue (perhaps the best head teacher in London – she appears to know every kids name) inviting everyone to join in the Christmas song.  I was expecting Away in a Manger or Silent Night.  However year one led us in a rendition of Jingle Bells!

Now I’m not a Christian myself, so have no personal axe to grind. And indeed, I recognise the value of a diverse and multi-cultural environment (I love that my daughter learns Hindi, Turkish and other assorted languages and cultures depending on what’s going on around the world). However in a country where the majority of people still claim at least a loose affinity to Christianity, have we gone too far in cutting out Jesus, Mary and the rest of the gang!