The ability to choose our response to a situation is a powerful one – Lumina Emotion gives people that ability. Improved emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience are just some of the benefits which organisations report.

Lumina Emotion teaches us how to manage our personality effectively to suit changing contextual demands, whatever our natural qualities may be. It was created by psychologists Dr Stewart Desson and Julie Ensor (MSc) and is derived from Dr Desson’s PhD research. 

Using the BigS model of personality, Lumina Emotion takes a holistic and balanced view, recognising that all personal traits can be helpful and effective in their own way. So for example, would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert? You might be surprised to know that it actually doesn’t matter. Our research shows that both can drive emotional intelligence, and this equally applies to other underrated traits.  

In fact, industry leaders now view emotional intelligence as one of the top ten competencies needed to succeed in today’s workplace.  

Benefits of Lumina Emotion

  • Noticing and understanding your emotions 
  • Understanding the value of different emotional responses 
  • Adapting your behaviour and responding appropriately 
  • Channelling your behaviour towards your goals and values 

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