I am increasingly convinced that Integrity and Energy are the key to sales success. In some work I am doing for a leading advertising sales business our research is proving that the most successful salespeople long term are those who combine personal motivation and “drive” (a la Pink), with a customer focus and honesty. Maybe doesn’t work in every sector, but if there is a sector where it doesn’t apply – please leave us out of training there.

If so, a matrix could explain the four type of salespeople who embody one, two, or all of these qualities (see diagram on office wall attached). Normally when I invent a model like this I call a few trainer friends you know who you are!) and with the help of O2 and a few texts back and forward we define some great labels or terms.

Challenging myself (as I am challenging my participants this month) to look at different ways to collaborate, I thought I would try “crowdsourcing” the labels this time. So have you any ideas?

Anyone who contributes on this blog with an idea or comment will get a powerpoint and one pager of the final model with full permission to use at will.

What do you think? What would you call a salesperson with Low integrity and Low Energy – Dead? A Mammoth?. Do we go animal analogies, TV Characters. What about the salesperson with High Energy but low Integrity – Del Boy? A Monkey?

Do share your thoughts….