The Brief

Primesight had traditionally focused its training programmes on their sales teams, but had developed a growing awareness that the organisation as a whole would be better served by upskilling a wider cohort of staff, whilst simultaneously building the capacity of the management and leadership teams across the business to embed the learning.

Programme objectives included:

  • Upskilling all staff across the organisation
  • Developing team-building and collaboration
  • Empowering managers to develop their own teams
  • Integratrating a culture of learning throughout the organisation

The Programme

To enable us to connect with the widest possible range of staff, and design a programme of learning that lasted beyond the confines of the Programme, we designed manageable ‘bitesize’ chunks for mixed teams and multiple layers from across the organisation.

The Bitesize learning sessions were split into two distinct cohorts:

  • A management team who would use their learning to ensure their people and teams were performing; and
  • A continuous programme of short, practical sessions designed to appeal to all Primesight staff, ensuring access to learning was available to the broadest audience.

Two bitesize half-day sessions were booked per day. These sessions were highly focused, practical, and designed to allow anyone in the business to attend. They included:

  • Half-day bitesize sessions identified through Personal Development Plans pre-planned and diarised throughout the year, or set up in response to a specific need.
  • A Management Development / Make the Learning Stick Programme.
  • Northern Field staff Training.
  • Scottish and Northern-specific Bitesize sessions

Examples of Bitesize Programmes included:

  • Assertiveness and Self Confidence
  • Communication for Business Success
  • Get Creative – Innovation from within
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • GROWS and Difficult Conversations: Towards a new PDP
  • Making Learning Stick – Action for Managers and Leaders
  • Management Development: Teams & Performance
  • Making Your Case – presenting ideas and arguments clearly
  • Influence for everyone – 7 secrets that salespeople don’t want you know!
  • Effortless Inbox – Taking the stress out of your in-box


The Results

All bitesize sessions were over subscribed as staff began to recognise the skill and behaviour surges they gained as a result of taking part. There was improved collaboration between teams and departments, and managers found they were more focused on building and leading their own teams, ensuring higher performance across the organisation.

What Primesight said

Inspire managed to make a ‘difficult’ subject fun: the training was very focused and really answered our brief. I know everyone took something useful away, and we have already amended our standard conversations and template letters with our customers.
Jane Cottage

Head of Estate Management, Primesight

I come to Inspire with a problem, they come up with a solution and then we wrap training or coaching programmes round it…. The Bitesize Programme has made everyone feel valued and has inspired our employees.
Kathryn Bean

HR Director, Primesight