The Brief

Inspire were asked by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to design a programme on business improvement for their members. ILM’s brief was focused on their members learning new skills and ideas, whilst receiving practical solutions to their problems and challenges, and coming away with a sense of inspiration.


The Programme

Improving business relies on your expert leadership, and the quality of your people. However, many leaders leave this to instinct and luck. Inspire showed how putting leadership and people at the heart of an organisation accelerates business improvement and improves the bottom line.

Through the delivery of seven workshops across the UK, we introduced the Lumina Spark Personality Portrait. This detailed 38-page portrait was given to participants, providing a memorable and jargon free insight into their personality. This provided a practical method for how participants could work more effectively with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, and how it could accelerate learning.

The workshop was interactive and fun, and participants left with new and practical solutions to develop their leadership and people through:

  • Understanding their persona and how to use that to improve their business
  • Acquiring tools to make them a better client manager, boss, and colleague
  • Improved teamwork across their organisation
  • Ability to read clients and colleagues so they can better adapt and connect with them

    It’s excellent how Stevie made the participants consider key factors about improving their business in a lively,
    animated and engaging way.

    Gaynor Lewis

    Director of Business Development, ILM

    The Results

    Participants received:

    • An understanding of why personality plays such a big role across teams and organisations
    • Clarity about their own personality and preferences and how to use these to improve their relationships and business
    • Practical tools to read, adapt, and connect with their colleagues, stakeholders, and clients
    • Tools to build high performing teams and routes to improve their bottom line
    • Fun and inspiring ideas to take back to their business and develop their people

    The event was very good and Stevie is clearly very knowledgeable about his subject …. he engaged everyone in the room.

    ILM Member