The Brief:

BAE Systems is a global company with an important purpose and that’s why they need the best talent in their Senior General Management roles to ensure they deliver on today’s commitments as well preparing for the future.  Their goal was to ensure they had a robust talent pipeline for these critical GM roles.  They needed to understand what development and experiences each employee needed on their path to become a senior general manager; that way they could work in partnership with them and their sponsors to support and accelerate a journey that was personal to the individual.

The Programme:

Inspire worked with BAE Systems to design and run a series of virtual Development Centres for senior level managers – the next generation of leaders.  These Development Centres were designed to be an immersive experience, based on a realistic scenario that reflected the role of a General Manager.  They allowed us multiple opportunities to assess participants across a range of attributes.  This enabled us to get a clear and objective picture of a person’s strengths and development areas, to give them bespoke and comprehensive feedback and to start the development planning journey.


The Results:

Talent intimacy!  We know our people better.  We understand what makes them tick.  We understand their strengths.  We understand what experiences and development they need, we just understand them more.  Their pathway is theirs to make but we are better equipped to support them on their way.  And the facts speak for themselves – increased networking, stretched projects, promotions, role moves, increased focus on personal development.

Highlights for me, were pulling off 8 Development Centres virtually.  48 participants, joining from locations in the Middle East, UK, and Australia.  And while I know nothing beats face to face, I personally feel we got the same outcomes if not more as a result of how we structured the virtual centres.  The centres were fast paced, the scenarios realistic and challenging, the support from the senior sponsors was fantastic – all held together by Stevie Fine and the Inspire Team at the helm.

Alison Ramsey

Employee Experience Director, BAE Systems