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Every team goes through the same basic stages: forming, storming, norming and performing. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to team-building, because every group of individuals is just that.

Our bespoke programmes focus on accelerating the natural evolution of successful teams using innovative tools and intuitive exercises, creating a shared language, culture and energy.

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The Challenge

Building effective teams traditionally takes time and effort, and requires the organisation to understand everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and motivators. To complicate matters further, the modern demands of business call for regular shifting and reforming of teams and roles to meet new demands and new challenges. And once they have formed, teams still need to grow – to refine their skillsets and develop new ones. Unfortunately, time is a luxury modern business rarely have – new teams need to begin performing right away.


“Our team development programmes help individuals to understand their own strengths and how they contribute to a team, but they also help them to understand the strengths and the challenges of the people they work with, enabling teams to very quickly move into that ‘storming’ phase that makes teams work effectively.”

The Programmes

Inspire offers a series of bespoke team building courses in London, the UK and internationally, designed to meet each team’s individual requirements. We focus on speeding up the transformation process that leads to great teamwork, through greater team awareness, understanding and improved rapport. We also have a variety of programmes focusing on skill development, increasing the speed with which teams and groups upskill and learn. So whether it’s team-building exercises or team coaching, the programmes are guaranteed to get your teams performing from day 1.

View our example programmes below:

Accelerated Teamwork through Insight

Teambuilding can’t necessarily be taught. But it can be significantly accelerated.

Presenting with Power

Deliver convincing presentations with confidence. Learn how to consistently inform and compel.

Get Creative: Innovation & Big Picture Thinking

Explore new paths to innovation. Creativity is not just an attribute – it’s a skill.

Managing Confidence: A Plan for Team Success

Confidence is both the key to unlocking our natural skills, and the most common factor in failure.

Effortless Inbox – Making Email Efficient

Don’t let your inbox take control and set the agenda. Welcome the new Effortless Inbox.

We continually design new training programmes. Below is a list of programmes we have delivered recently. Please contact us to find out more.

  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Culture & Transformation
  • Managing High Performance
  • Dealing with Change
  • Making Learning Stick