Sales Training

The digital age has changed sales beyond recognition, and sales training has been slow to catch up. The power relationship between clients and sellers has changed; customers are better informed, more aware of their own needs and more aware of the sales process.

Traditional sales methods are becoming less effective because clients no longer want what they provide. More is being demanded from salespeople, and the key quality is engagement: engagement with their own team, engagement with the product, and engagement with the client.

Inspire Sales Training Clients

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The Challenge

There is no longer a ‘quick-and-dirty’ fix for sales issues. Only systemic development will provide results that are sustainable, trainable and repeatable. But the core challenge is simple: to create more engaged sales teams. More engaged sales teams create more engaged customers, more engaged customers generate higher sales.

“While the key sales skills are still critical to many of the programmes we run today, there are a number of new ideas and more effective principles that help people persuade in today’s world: we know that when sales people want better results for their customers, they actually get better results for themselves.”

The Programmes

We take a holistic approach to sales training, working at three levels: the individual salesperson; the service/product; and the customer.

First, we develop the specific attitudes, behaviours and actions that are necessary for success in your specific field. Next, Inspire helps Sales Leaders to develop a clear and concise sales proposition. Working with existing stakeholders, we design and deliver tailored and unique sales stories and packages that drive sales performance. Finally we accelerate exceptional customer relationships through our unique and highly innovative Accelerated Rapport Programme – and we guarantee that you won’t find as effective an approach through any other sales training companies.

View our example sales programmes below:

Mastering Strategic Marketing

Fully understand the marketer’s mind to get ahead of the curve and improve sales performance.

Story Selling

Master the 6 basic story types and apply them to any situation to persuade and delight your audience.

Negotiation Skills

It doesn’t matter how many deals you close if you’re not creating sustainable win/win situations.

Face to Face Meetings

One face-to-face meeting can lead to a successful pitch or a missed opportunity.

Fundamental Sales Skills

Practice and perfect the basic skills you need to sell anything, in any market

4 Step Sales

Understand and transform the 4 key skills necessary in modern sales.

Get Creative: Innovation & Big Picture Thinking

Explore new paths to innovation. Creativity is not just an attribute – it’s a skill.

Sales Mastery through Personal Insight

Use our simple model for quickly understanding new people to identify their needs and motivations.

Managing Confidence: A Plan for Team Success

Confidence is both the key to unlocking our natural skills, and the most common factor in failure.


Use ingrained conventions of influence to become more confident, creative and… influential!

Presenting with Power

Deliver convincing presentations with confidence. Learn how to consistently inform and compel.

Strategic Account Management

Develop existing accounts and build consistent revenue through maximising strategic relationships.