Leadership Development

Any successful organisation needs effective managers and leaders. These roles share a common goal – to maximise the value and knowledge of each individual they employ – but can have very different areas of responsibility.

We meet employers who don’t know whether they require a manager or a leader, and those that can’t distinguish the managers from the leaders within their own organisation. Business also increasingly calls on individuals to demonstrate qualities that belong to both roles.

Inspire Leadership Development Clients

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The Challenge

We know that management and leadership are distinct concepts, but the relationship between them is complex. We need to install an understanding of how these two roles complement and contrast with each other, and how an individual can use elements of both to maximise the value of the people they lead. We also know that the roles are flexible: an individual’s personality is a guiding force in their leadership or management style, and that only an approach that focuses on their personal strengths and weaknesses will create sustainable results.


“Whether we’re addressing how to enhance performance of your people, how to deal with under-performance, making sure your people have manageable goals and achieve those goals… whether it’s leadership or management, we’ve developed programmes across the UK and internationally that we’d like to share with you.”

The Programmes

Inspire turns managers into leaders, and leaders into managers. We focus on their values, codify their vision and help them develop their staff. Our bespoke management and leadership training challenges people to take responsibility for organisational goals. This changes their attitude and behaviour, transforms the people they lead and manage, and positively impacts their entire organisation.

Our management and leadership training supports you to define who your managers are, and who your leaders are, and who has both qualities. We then influence their on-going development, effectiveness and efficiency.

View our example leadership programmes below:

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Let us (and Shakespeare) show you how to unlock this necessary but rarely taught skill.

Leadership Development through Insight

Understanding is key to effective leadership. Learn to better understand your team (and yourself).

Transforming and Managing Change

Find out who moved the cheese, then explore practical tools to support others move into action.

Presenting with Power

Deliver convincing presentations with confidence. Learn how to consistently inform and compel.

Get Creative: Innovation & Big Picture Thinking

Explore new paths to innovation. Creativity is not just an attribute – it’s a skill.

Managing Confidence: A Plan for Team Success

Confidence is both the key to unlocking our natural skills, and the most common factor in failure.