Inspirational Sales

Inspire takes a holistic approach to sales training, working at three levels: the individual salesperson; the service/product; and the customer.

First, we help Sales Leaders to get the most from their people. We develop the specific attitudes, behaviours and actions that are necessary for success in your specific field. Our experience working with some of the world’s leading media and technology businesses enable us to demonstrate rapid change in sales behaviour in your business.

Second, Inspire will help Sales Leaders to develop a clear and concise sales proposition. Working with existing stakeholders, we will design and deliver tailored and unique sales stories and packages that will drive sales performance.

Finally, we help accelerate exceptional customer relationships through our unique and highly innovative Accelerated Rapport Programme designed specifically for your team – and we guarantee that you won’t find as effective an approach through any other sales training companies.

At the heart of our approach is a simple promise and belief: more engaged sales teams create more engaged customers, which generates higher sales. Read our white paper to find out how our thinking is developing the way we will develop your people.

We provide sales training courses for businesses like Global Radio, Guardian Media Group, Microsoft, JCDecaux and UBM. They entrust their workforce development to Inspire because they have experienced the best sales training in the UK. Isn’t it time you saw how Inspire can change your sales results?

Typical Programme: Sales Mastery Through Personal Insight, 4 Step Advances Sales Transformation ProgrammeA Negotiation Masterclass For Publishing, An Influence MasterclassCreating Success Professionals, Mastering Strategic Marketing and Presenting With Masterclass

For more information on how you or your people will benefit from Inspire, contact us, or request a free personal portrait into your leadership style.