Kittcat Nohr Digitas: Creative Account Managers

The Brief:

As part of the world’s most successful digital agency, Kitcatt Nohr Digitas need to ensure they are delivering significant client wins and build their customers’ usage of the complete service they offer. Kittcat Nohr Digitas wanted their Creative Account Managers to increase their level of influence both internally and externally, becoming more persuasive and better equipped to motivate others to act.

The Programme:

The Academy was a modular programme that, through a combination of classroom learning, project work and ‘The Apprentice’ style challenges, pushes the commercial team to develop their persuasion and influence. Working across 4 modules the team were challenged to explore their own strengths and weaknesses as influencers, and develop new strategies to become more persuasive with internal and external customers. Project work encouraged them to put practical plans in place to work on areas of development, and the tools they are given helped them easily access feedback and continuous development.


“Inspire are a unique talent. They have an energy and passion for what they do, as well as a sense of creativity and playfulness which make them a great organisation to be around. If you get the chance to work with Inspire, take it.”

Marc Nohr, CEO Kitcatt Nohr Digitas

The Results:

The Creative Account Teams moved to the next level as a result of the programme – they started using new techniques to engage with existing clients and present more effectively in pitches. They also increased their approaches to creativity and innovation. As a result of the Academy, KND initiated an on-going self-awareness, client- awareness, team-building and rapport-building programme for staff at all levels across the business.