Trendence Research – A Sales Coaching Intervention

The Brief:

Trendence Research recruited a new Account Director to re-launch a unique product in a clearly defined market. They were convinced this was the right appointment and they had the right set of experiences, skills and qualities. However, after two months in the job, the new Account Director was facing some key challenges and barriers to success. The UK MD thought that an external intervention might help but was unsure of the form and content that would transform performance.

The Programme:

After a consultation with the UK MD and the new Account Director, Inspire devised a five-pronged coaching/training approach. This included completing a Lumina Spark personality portrait followed by three four-hour coaching sessions, with ‘homework’ in-between each session.

Whilst the UK MD had identified the areas he suspected needed work, the first session worked towards defining where the Account Director’s core qualities and challenges lay in relation to her new post, and identify the skill areas to focus on for success.

The first session was a more traditional coaching approach, where the coachee reviewed their personality portrait to ensure they self-identified their core strengths, qualities and challenges, alongside specific skill gaps that blocked their progress. This led to a list of development areas below:

  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Managing upwards and sideways
  • Managing time and workload
  • Client prioritisation and pipeline development
  • Closing and negotiation skills
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Goal setting

Sessions 2 and 3 blended traditional coaching with 1-1 training where skill gaps were filled in, and goals were set. Integral to success was what we call ‘self-development:’ – In-between coaching sessions, the coachee was expected to do homework and implement the goals set. These goals were reviewed at each subsequent session. Inspire was also available by phone support throughout the coaching process.


“No training or coaching I’ve had in the past was anywhere near as beneficial …. after the third session I knew this was amazing and transformational and I’d 100% recommend Inspire.”

Eimear Bryson, UK Account Director, Trendence Research

The Results:

The coaching programme inspired the Account Director. The process stopped ‘the wheels falling off’ and re-instilled a core confidence necessary for success. It also provided core skills that transformed how they engaged with colleagues and clients. Within three months of the process, the Account Director went from having two clients secured or in the pipeline, to having 36 active clients secured or in their pipeline, and generating revenues above target.

What They Said:

“I’ve never experienced or commissioned training or coaching that has so significantly transformed someone’s performance in such a short timescale.”

Simon Rogers, UK MD, Trendence Research