Absolute Radio – Effortless Inbox

The Brief:

Absolute’s Sales Director recognised that a successful sales team were held back or thrown off course by email overload. Staff were using email rather than speaking to clients, they were answering emails as they popped onto their screen regardless of what else they were doing. They had more emails in their inbox than they cared to admit, and emails could sit there for weeks without anything happening to them. The Director asked Inspire to develop a solution to allow his team to use email efficiently rather than it hindering their productivity.

The Programme:

This practical half-day session was part classroom learning and part implementation. Inspire’s coaches mastered the system and created a highly effective way to teach others. For 1-2 hours, we ran through the concept in classroom style, and then began to apply it. In this way, participants understood what to do, and defined to what level they wanted to apply it. We then spent circa 2 hours with everyone back at their desks, with Inspire coaches spending time with each person supporting the implementation.


“It’s really changed my life – genuinely! You no longer have that feeling of dread where you are owned by other people who have sent you tasks on email.”

Chris Goldson, Sales Director, Absolute Radio

The Results:

By the end of the session, everyone had learnt the system and applied it. Whilst some staff went back to bad old habits, 90% of the team, including the Director, completely changed the way they dealt with email forever, creating greater efficiency and clarity in their everyday working lives.

They reported that within hours of implementing it, they had:

  • Cleared inboxes to zero
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Become more effective at handling email overload
  • Created effective ways to deal with email fatigue
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