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A human being is only breath and shadow – Sophocles

‘The shadow’ is one of the key elements of Jungian psychoanalysis. It sounds a little creepy, but essentially it’s the part of our personality that we repress or ignore. The shadow has its roots in our unconscious, but it can … Continue reading


This post is not boring.

I don’t often get bored at work. This sounds like a bit of a humblebrag but it’s really just because I’m lucky in my job. I have lots of interesting stuff to do most days, and I meet lots of … Continue reading


The wrong sort of rain

We seem to be experiencing the world’s wettest drought right now. I read in the Metro that the Met Office have stated that the drought will continue, because the downpours of the last fortnight are ‘the wrong sort of rain.’ … Continue reading


Talking to machines

It’s not all technological smiles at the Inspiration Factory today. Although I was waxing lyrical about virtual assistants a couple of posts ago, today I’ve been failing to negotiate (read: swearing) at our printers. By that I mean printing machines, … Continue reading


How important are Integrity and Energy to the sales process?

I am increasingly convinced that Integrity and Energy are the key to sales success. In some work I am doing for a leading advertising sales business our research is proving that the most successful salespeople long term are those who … Continue reading