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Building the A-Team

I’ve been taking the tube a lot recently and so I keep seeing Vodafone’s new ad campaign splashed all over the walls. The tagline is “There is a better way to build your business,” and in the adverts various office-types … Continue reading


More musings on simplicity and streamlining

I recently tweeted some email tips from Merlin Mann, the chap behind ‘Inbox Zero’ and an influence on our own Effortless Inbox time-management sessions (what do you mean, you don’t follow us on twitter? @INSPIRErational). Mann’s tips are really good … Continue reading


Wonderful spam? The evolution of junk email

If it seems like there’s a little more room to breathe around the Inspire blog it’s because I’ve just finished disposing of a hefty can of spam. I trawled through the older blog posts and filters and ended up obliterating … Continue reading


How important are Integrity and Energy to the sales process?

I am increasingly convinced that Integrity and Energy are the key to sales success. In some work I am doing for a leading advertising sales business our research is proving that the most successful salespeople long term are those who … Continue reading


Using Old Psychometrics in Business and a Sharp Pair of Scissors

This weekend a number of challenging conversations led us to ponder how we can support colleagues and clients to use business tools to express themselves and reach their full potential. It was 11am in London, and a worried mother shot … Continue reading