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The qualities of a leader

This is long term planning for the success of her business, and what I realised is that she has a 24 month plan that involves making herself replaceable. Interestingly, her nominated replacement is not the popular man of choice… Continue reading


Different styles of leadership in a crisis

By contrast, I’d describe the qualities displayed by Japan’s government in the past couple of weeks as leaning much more towards the ‘blue’ (calm, detailed – having a plan) and the ‘green’ (empathetic, consensus-based) edges of the Lumina mandala. Continue reading


A holistic approach to Time Management?

I was gutted to miss Graham Alcotts public How To Get Things Done workshop last week. Doesnt matter how many GTD books I read, there is nothing like a good refresher with a master like Graham at the helm. Its … Continue reading


Lessons from The Kings Speech

Some insights from a great film, by Andy Green, an inspiring writer and speaker. The BAFTA winning and Oscar tipped ‘The King’s Speech’ is a great film but also highlights valuable lessons for managers – with its story centred on … Continue reading


How many Yogis have you got in your team?

Yogi bear dives back onto our screens this week, and while it’s unlikely to push The Kings Speech off the Oscars podium it may offer some insight for those of us who are focused on people development. The technology has … Continue reading