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Connected Communications

Adam Hopkinson’s angry old man rant about how we are using , and abusing, communication channels, was an interesting start to my week. His basic premises is that we should pay more attention to the channels we use, avoid switching … Continue reading


Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

When you’ve been doing something for a while, and are acknowledged as an expert, its hard to believe that you can learn much. Its a challenge as trainers that we face weekly. Most of our customers are successful enterprises and … Continue reading


How to listen to what your partner is really saying

Kids were late for school on Tuesday, my fault, and I made our new schoolrun rota pal late too. Now I realise my error, but when I grabbed my phone from my son while doing a 3 point turn, to … Continue reading


Did you get an email from Linked-in congratulating you on your role in their success?

Well like many of us, I was able to avoid the temptation of reposting it as suggested. Not only was I sceptical of Linked-ins motives, but I was wary of the methodology- and my own motives. Yet after seeing a … Continue reading

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The Ambivert Advantage?

The evidence has been with us for some time; people who listen, get heard, yet people who don’t speak, aren’t listened to. Its not that simple, but the idea that you need both Introversion and Extraversion to persuade we’ve been … Continue reading