Stewart Desson

Stewart is the CEO and founder of Lumina Learning.

He has a passion for building the community of like-minded professionals that are using Lumina Learning’s offerings to help organisations become more effective through focussing on the development of their people. Stewart is also a highly experienced Business Psychologist and Organisation Development consultant and travels internationally as an inspirational speaker and sought after change agent.

Stewart has supported many clients in customising their use of learning and assessment resources. He shares many of these experiences through his faculty role on the University of Westminster’s prestigious Masters in Business Psychology.

Before setting up Lumina Learning, Stewart had a long career with British Airways, travelling internationally as a consultant and working as a line manager. His passion was leadership development and the use of psychometrics to support change processes.

Stewart has two Masters degrees, the first in ‘Operational Research’ that he used extensively at British Airways when he became part of the leadership team that ran BA’s internationally acclaimed Operational Research consultancy group. His teams specialised in applying the scientific method to BA’s organisational challenges using mathematical modelling and statistical analysis. Later he became the Senior Manager that ran BA’s Heathrow Customer Service’s Change Programme and also managed the airport’s internal recruitment unit, bringing in a competency based recruitment processes supported by psychometrics. This involved leading a fifty plus team of project managers and HR specialists who drove change at Heathrow.

Stewart’s second Masters degree is in ‘Change Agent Skills and Strategies’ and he is skilled in the application of humanistic psychology to support organisational change. Stewart has extensive experience developing learning resources, web based psychometrics and e-learning products with many clients globally.

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