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In partnership with DOOR International and Lumina Learning, Inspire has established a unique co-operation that allows us to utilise a global network of partners. From the start of a Global Programme, we involve a group of selected Partners, which allows for greater wisdom into programme design, and greater commitment and accountability in delivery.

Katie Stanley

Katie is a Business Psychologist and Head of Operations at Inspire. She is responsible for operational management and client relationships.

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Stewart Desson

Stewart is the CEO and founder of Lumina Learning. He has a passion for helping organisations become more effective by developing their people.

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Paul Major

Paul is a founder and Director of Changemaker Associates, an organisation dedicated to helping individuals and organisations realise sustainable change.

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Tony McGaharan

Tony is a leadership and team development consultant, facilitator and coach.

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Nevin Stewart

Nevin is an accomplished executive coach and team facilitator.

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Joe Wainwright

Joe is trained to interpret Myers Briggs, Insights and Lumina Spark and also has a teaching Fellowship with the School of Management at Bath University.

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Elliot Weider

Elliot is an internationally acknowledged management consultant, coach and mentor.

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Lucy Finney

Lucy develops and delivers Senior Leadership Programmes and Executive Coaching which utilises Lumina psychometrics to build individual, team and organisational capability.

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